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What Happened To Doreen Virtue – Angel Cards And Christianity?

I have had so many people ask me about what happened to Doreen Virtue? We all have heroes and role models of every kind. TV heroes that save the day. Good friends that we look up to. Scientists and physicians have brought health and wonderful inventions to the world. Even some public figures have been an inspiration such as the late President Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Some of the most important of these notable figures are spiritual leaders. Those that teach us what it means to be a spirit living in a human body and expressing it. Sometimes, however, these pillars of virtue can fall or at least fall in our eyes. Which do you think is true of Doreen Virtue’s reversal of path?

When a friend recently told me that Hay House maven Doreen Virtue had denounced her previous existence as the doyen of intuitive card decks, even her Angel Cards, and had reinvented herself as a bible bearing Christian I could have been blown over by an angel’s feather. So I set out to investigate. The internet was in an uproar. Christians were delighting that such a famous New Age celebrity had denounced the devil’s work and converted to a path of righteousness. Hardcore tarot card readers and fans were upset and angry; they felt used and abandoned. I watched the now infamous video and this is where I ended up.

Doreen Virtue Stopped Using Tarot And Card Decks

What Doreen Virtue said in her video was that she had stopped using her card decks or indeed any card decks. She said that she should never have created her Ascended Masters deck because that was not how they wished us to connect with them. Dr. Virtue has nothing against card decks per se, her problem was more how they were being used. She had been using them as a proxy for communicating directly with God and she had realized this was not correct for her.

I did a podcast episode about card decks not so long ago entitled “How to Use Tarot Cards.” As opposed to being an instruction guide for using cards, it was meant to be more about how to approach it in general. I have to say I agree with most of what Doreen Virtue said. The power is not within the object. The power is inside you. So if you are using your tarot as though the deck is the oracle itself then, in my opinion, you are misguided. If you have memorized the book that came with your deck then you are using your intellect and not your intuition.

Card decks can be a great tool to help people bypass their intellect and access intuition. If you are looking at the symbols and pictures and translating them into meaning in the context of the present moment and the person being read then you are using your cards as a doorway to your higher knowing. Many people can’t access their intuition easily due to their intellectual programming. Starting with a card deck can be a gentle introduction to intuition and maybe less frustrating for the student than trying to access it directly. This is why I created my Portico cards.

Another perspective is certain people having a Psychic Reading are not in control of their energy. As they are curious about what will be said they project their energy into the third eye of the reader. As someone who reads from trance without objects of any kind, I can tell you this can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. So it has to be managed energetically. For readers who do not know techniques for that having a card deck can attract the readers’ invasive energy onto the card deck instead of into the reader’s head as the person being read, they believe that is where the power lies.

What Happened To Doreen Virtue – Christianity And New Age Beliefs

The reason Christians and New Agers dislike each other so much is based on misunderstandings about each other. As well as misinterpretation of doctrine that bears no resemblance to the ancient spiritual teachings of our human heritage or universal spiritual laws.

As someone who originally trained in the spiritual arts at a Psychic Christian church, I believe I have a unique perspective on this. My training including a clairvoyant reading of the Bible to access the essence of the teachings, which have been translated and mistranslated through many languages, were copied by hand over and over before the invention of the printing press and tweaked by various self-interested parties for political gain. Some of the essences were lost.

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Not only that much of the original teachings were encoded, symbolic, metaphors, and parables to preserve the information for followers and protect it from foes. It was never meant to be taken literally. What I learned from my time in psychic seminary was that the bible discusses energy healing and spiritual abilities at length. Far from being the work of the devil, these were gifts from God that we can use to communicate as spirit and to receive guidance.

The foundation of all religions is love. The message of all great teachers is Love thy neighbor as thyself. We are all unique aspects of God and were given the freedom to express our unique perspective on Earth. When we allow ourselves to connect through love we can accept each other as unique expressions of divine consciousness and not judge, fear, and seek to control.

What Happened To Doreen VirtueWhat Does Doreen Virtue Say About Jesus And The Bible?

This may horrify some people, but I am going to say it anyway. Jesus was a healer and a psychic. As Doreen Virtue, he is one of my favorite teachers. I consult him often in my work and I ask for his guidance. He never refuses me and is delighted to help. Also, like Doreen Virtue, I am usually careful about whom I tell this to. A fundamental Christian would say I was a blasphemer. A new age follower might cringe at the mention of his name.

He doesn’t look at all like most of the paintings and movie portrayals by the way.

Jesus’s life and many of the books in the New Testament provide a roadmap for life on Earth. Far from being a prediction of our demise, the Book of Revelations tells you all you need to know about operating consciously as Spirit in a human body. Many of the books in the Old Testament are historical. When read clairvoyantly reveal a history quite different from what you learned at school and are replete with giants, genetics, aliens living on Earth, spaceships, and more.

Being psychic and believing in Jesus and the bible are not mutually exclusive. I embrace both and Doreen Virtue shouldn’t have to choose between them.

One other thing Doreen Virtue mentioned about her visitation from Christ was that she knew at that moment that he was THE son of God. I would like to hear more from her about that. Jesus is the son of God and I believe his message was that we are all children of God. In other words, we are all projections of the Source. We are all aspects of God incarnate. Jesus realized he was. He awakened as divine consciousness within a body and mastered being a spiritual presence on Earth. We too can be enlightened if we follow his guidance; or the teachings of other masters.

What Happened To Doreen VirtueThe Doreen Virtue Conversion To Christianity

The story is that she has always been a Christian, but was not always comfortable expressing

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this in public for fear of alienating part of her fan base. This comes from Doreen Virtue’s Jesus video on the web.

Until one day while attending a Church service, she had a visitation from Jesus. He encouraged her to be true to herself, live a more authentic life, and stop using her angel cards as a form of idol worship.

Doreen Virtue has undergone an image change over the last few years. She has changed her appearance from a glittering angelic siren to mother Mary in blue. It may be that she decided to age gracefully or stop dying her hair for health reasons. But could it be she was moving toward her new public persona all along? One may wonder what Michael Robinson Doreen Virtue’s husband thinks about the whole scenario.

When I look at what happened to Doreen Virtue and the transition what I see is her becoming more grounded. The angelic persona was a fit when she was not grounded and spent more time out of her body communing with angels and other spirits. As she got more in touch with her body, the planet and, the creatures of the earth she got more grounded and more present in her body. So the current Doreen Virtue is more earthy and in a sense more real, more human, less perfect.

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Another change is she is avoiding doing psychic readings, including her famous Doreen Virtue Weekly Reading and Angel Message For Today, and says now she prefers to pray and study the bible. I am concerned that this will cause a further schism in the psychic Christian divergence. For me, both are ways of communicating as Spirit. Praying is being in communication with God. When I read I am communicating with God. I read from trance, a meditative state which allows me to tune out the physical world and tune into spiritual reality. I can ask questions, ask for help, and receive my answers. This is probably what Doreen is doing when she prays. She probably also reads the bible intuitively by asking God for deeper insights into its meaning.

What Happened To Doreen Virtue – Is Doreen Virtue Profiting From Turning To Christianity?

Doreen Virtue had told Hay House that she no longer wished to profit from her intuitive card decks, like her Archangel Oracle Cards a 45-card deck and guidebook, and instructed them to give her royalties to charity and if new decks were printed to remove her name from them as she no longer wished to endorse them. This is a real turnabout for the most prolific creator of card decks. Currently, Hay House lists 36 card decks with her name on them. The number could be higher if there are some already out of print. Her books, some of which are, Angel Therapy, Archangels, And Ascended Masters A Guide, Angel Therapy, are best sellers. One may wonder what will happen to Doreen Virtue’s net worth and will it matter to her.

On hearing what happened to Doreen Virtue all this one cynical blogger put forward the following opinion. “Perhaps Doreen Virtue’s sales have been declining and this is an attempt to create controversy to get noticed again. It might stimulate a rush on her old products before they are no longer available. She becomes a limited commodity.”

Then, of course, the new persona piques curiosity from her existing fan base and attention from a massive new audience – the Christian community. In this projected future reality, a new throng of followers is created and flocks to her new YouTube channel; a captive audience for her new Christian focused products. Whether this happens remains to be seen. I believe she will write more books; it’s is in her soul, but they will be different ones that will attract a new audience.

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Is it contrived? Not necessarily.

What Happened To Doreen VirtueA Healing And Psychic Reading For Doreen Virtue

When I look at Doreen Virtue clairvoyantly right now this is what I see:

A tremendous amount of attention has been piled on top of her. Her main vibration is a healing blue. But she looks grey as she is covered in foreign energy such as expectations and judgment from others. She feels overwhelmed and is tired of it because it blocks her clear communication with God. The situation is bringing up an opportunity for some inner healing. I am seeing some shame, some regret; a desire to be authentic and understood, but a question about whether that is even possible. I see her struggling internally but genuinely turning to God for answers; being humbled by her transformation. She is retreating from the unwanted attention that comes not only from the new age fan base. It’s also from the Christians who judge her past behavior and who want to shovel their doctrine onto her rather than leave her be to develop her answers.

So I administer healing. I help her clear her connection with God and the planet. I run Christ Force energy through her space and ask Jesus to help. Together we clear the foreign energy off. Her vibration increases. The main vibration changes from blue to yellow. She feels relief, release, freedom, and joy. She feels closer to God.

My name is Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips – I am a child of God.

Her name is Doreen Virtue Ph.D. – she is my sister.

What happened to Doreen Virtue? Her name like yours is written on the skein of time and space – Doreen and you too are a divine portion of the cosmic whole.


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